There are no weight or size restrictions within reason. The gallery does show off larger works to advantage; sizes of up to 150cm have been exhibited previously but bear in mind that even if a work is accepted there may not always be room to hang it. Please include the frame in the dimensions given for the works.

Photos of your work should jpg, jpeg or png format and less than 2MB file size.

Photos of two-dimensional work should exclude the frame. If taking the photo yourself rather than using a professional photographer, take the photo in natural light (but not in direct sunlight – an overcast day is best if taking the photo outside) without using a flash and square on to the work. Ideally, use simple photo editing software to crop any background and frame.

For three-dimensional work please take against a plain background or alternatively take a short video. These can be uploaded to either YouTube or vimeo and a link provided on the entry form.

Yes, please refer to the rules & guidelines page for further information.

Yes, please refer to the rules & guidelines page for further information.

If preselected you will be notified by Tuesday 19th May 2020 by email with a reminder on how and when to deliver your work. Please download and complete the form on the Entry Form/Links page and bring with you when delivering your work.

All preselected wall hung work, framed or otherwise, must be mirror plated with a label securely stuck on the back, and another attached by string to hang 6in/15cm over the front from the top, with work number (i.e. No. 1, 2 as on entry form), name, address, telephone number, email address, title, medium and price of work. All preselected non wall hung work should have similar labels securely attached.

Members: please write ‘M’ on each label and in the top right-hand box of the downloaded form.

Preselected works should be delivered, unpacked at the Victoria Art Gallery on Saturday 30th May between 10.30am and 4pm, and at no other time. If bringing packaging materials with you please make arrangements for this to be taken away and recycled where possible.

All works entered must be for sale for a minimum of £100 with the exception of prints. Commission will be at the rate of 43.5%. Prices must include the frame.

Artists submitting framed prints may offer additional unframed prints in the same run and need to indicate the number of available prints. The price for an unframed print should include UK delivery. It will be the artists’ responsibility to arrange packing and postage.

The maximum edition number is 150.

All members will be provided with a code by the Society which will allow them to enter for free. On the entry form, please select ‘Yes I am a member’, you will then be prompted to enter the code, once entered you will be able to complete your application and register. If you are a member and do not know the free entry code please contact the Society.

If entrants are interested in becoming a member they must have had work accepted on at least two previous occasions. Please see the election process on our website under ‘About Us’ and ‘Membership.

Copies will be available for completion at the gallery on Saturday 30th May 2020.

Help & Support

Please read the FAQs for the commonly asked questions. If you are still unsure please contact the Project Managers, Parker Harris

020 3653 0896(9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

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