Please refer to the rules & guidelines page for further information

Yes, please refer to the rules & guidelines page for further information.

Yes, please refer to the rules & guidelines page for further information.

If selected you will be notified on 12th October 2020 by email. Your work will then be displayed on the Victoria Art Gallery website from Monday 2nd November 2020 until midnight on 3rd January 2021. The Victoria Art Gallery will handle all online sales on behalf of the Bath Society of Artists. You will be advised as soon as your work is sold and the Victoria Art Gallery will contact you to confirm how many days you have for the work to be delivered and it will be your responsibility to wrap and dispatch the work to the buyer in the allotted time.

All works entered must be for sale for a minimum of £100 with the exception of prints. Commission will be at the rate of 36.5% including VAT.

Artists submitting framed prints may offer additional unframed prints in the same run and will need to indicate the number of available prints in the edition when applying. The price for an unframed print should include UK delivery. It will be the artists’ responsibility to arrange packing and postage.

The maximum edition number is 150.

All members will be provided with a code by the Society which will allow them to enter for free. On the entry form, please select ‘Yes I am a member’, you will then be prompted to enter the code, once entered you will be able to complete your application and register. If you are a member and do not know the free entry code please contact the Society.

If entrants are interested in becoming a member they must have had work accepted on at least two previous occasions. Please see the election process on our website under ‘About Us’ and ‘Membership.

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