The contact details you provide as part of your submission will be shared with appropriate staff members of Parker Harris/BANES/Victoria Art Gallery/ Bath Society of Artists and as needed with buyers, for the purposes of showing, selling and delivery of all listed and purchased works in the online show. Your information will not be shared with other parties other than those already mentioned. By accepting these Rules and Guidelines, you are also accepting these conditions.


Photos of your work should jpg, jpeg or png format and less than 2MB file size.

Photos of two-dimensional work should exclude the frame. If taking the photo yourself rather than using a professional photographer, take the photo in natural light (but not in direct sunlight – an overcast day is best if taking the photo outside) without using a flash and square on to the work. Ideally, use simple photo editing software to crop any background and frame.

For three-dimensional work please take against a plain background or alternatively take a short video. These can be uploaded to either YouTube or vimeo and a link provided on the entry form.


Collaborations or collaborative works are works which fulfil all other eligible submission criteria except that they are produced by more than one artist.

Collaborative artworks will be listed according to the surname of the first named artist (all artists names should be listed).

Where collaborative works sell, payment will be made in full of any sums due to the first named artist on the submission form. Each collaborative work submitted counts as one entry for each artist involved for the purpose of calculating the total number of works they are entitled to submit.

A member’s entitlement to have work accepted does not apply to collaborative pieces.

A submission fee at the standard rate is payable for each collaborative work involving one or more non-members. Where submission rules are breached, the Society reserves the right to disqualify the collaborative work without refunding the submission fee.


Digital prints are acceptable only if it is clear that they are original artworks made by the creative use of digital technology involving the “hand of the artist”. No photography or Giclée reproductions will be accepted unless as a minor part of a work produced by other means.

Exhibits must be original, the artist’s unaided work. Digital prints must be limited to maximum edition of 150. The selectors’ decision in all regards will be final.


Work submitted must be completely dry, sale worthy and ready to be sent out to a buyer, if selected for the exhibition and subsequently purchased. Unframed edition prints, (not giclee reproductions of original artwork) watercolours and drawings can be accepted in the ‘unframed’ category for ease of delivery, if sold. Please be sure you state the unframed price of your work in the appropriate section of the online submission form.


The selection panellists will be appointed by BSA in such number and of such qualification as it sees fit at its sole discretion. There are usually two prize judges but that can change as the BSA sees fit. The Selectors and Judges’ decisions shall be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. All works will be selected for the exhibition anonymously.


All works entered must be for sale. Except for prints, prices must be a minimum of £100. Commission will be at the rate of 36.5%. Prices must include the frame if the work is framed. The Victoria Art Gallery will notify artists and will clearly indicate on their web platform when items have been sold, including multiple items such as prints until the edition has sold out. Your statutory rights concerning online and distance sales will be met and the details regarding the process will be released shortly. You will find it here under ‘Sales’.

Payments to the artists will be made by Bath Society of Artists after the exhibition closes (allow up to three months).


The online Open exhibition will only be available to artists in the United Kingdom. Artists will be advised by the Victoria Art Gallery when work has been sold and you will be given a specific number of days in which to appropriately package and arrange delivery of your work to the buyer. Once you have stated the sales price on your submission form there can be no changes to that price once the entry date has passed, so do please ensure you include the cost of delivery in your pricing, (ideally using Royal Mail’s Special Delivery service which includes insurance or something similar). Check out for more information about advice on packaging and posting in the UK.


Entrants should make their own insurance arrangements for packaging and delivery purposes, if their work is sold.

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